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AppreciationLine for Personal Use

Endless Ideas

Trying to find a perfect gift for that special someone that they don’t have and really need?  Looking for a meaningful way to celebrate a special occasion coming up for someone special? Wanting to let a loved one know how much they mean to you and not sure how to do that? All of us long to be acknowledged, recognized and appreciated.  Giving someone this gift - to know how much they matter - is a priceless gift that will be treasured forever.  Commemorating someone is a special occasion and we'll help you do just that!

Here are all sorts of ways we can help you recognize those special people and occasions in your life.


What a special way to say happy birthday to a loved one that to really say happy birthday to them. Think of an AppreciationLine to send an audio card of appreciation for someone’s birthday. You can do this for one of those milestone birthdays like sweet sixteen, 21, 40, 60 or 80. Or just for any birthday as they are all special. Instead of receiving the typical birthday card, coordinate their family and friends to send them audio cards filled with their own voices of appreciation. On their special day they can be flooded online with their audio card or you can package them all in a gift through their own customized website where they can view and listen to all the cards.


Celebrate an anniversary with audio appreciations. Let this couple know what their love means to you. Most of us don’t realize what we mean to each other, the same goes for couples. Most don’t understand the extent to which their love has influence and inspired those around them. Say thank you for their love in your life with an AppreciationLine. Couples will revel in this love for years to come.


Maybe someone you know is having a surgery or has a terminal illness. A bunch of audio appreciations from those family, friends and colleagues can go along way. This is how the AppreciationLine was originally created. Inventor of the line, Janae Bower, created a “JoyLine” for her best friend’s mother to listen to the last days of her life and for her family to cherish forever. Sometimes we don’t get the chance to say goodbye to those we love, this can be your chance to do so. Their loved ones will know for years after how much they matter in other people’s lives.


Looking for a unique way to provide encouragement for someone? Think of setting up an AppreciationLine to do so. Someone who has been unemployed for a long time or going through a difficult situation, an AppreciationLine can provide encouragement when they need it the most, now and always.


What do you do for an employee who is retiring from your organization?  Sometimes a card just doesn’t say enough.  Written words alone often can’t express your gratitude for often a life-time of service to an organization.  This is when the ability to record a message in the your voice, in your own way, can really matter.  If people don’t feel comfortable expressing their gratitude in front of others, an AppreciationLine allows those calling in the ability to leave a personalized message that only the one receiving it will hear unless they choose to share it with others.


Words of wisdom can go a long way for newly married couples. They might not need it during the honeymoon stage of their relationship, but later on down the road. Parents, relatives, bridesmaids and groomsman can create their own toast for the couple. Each couple can toast to these special people in their life each anniversary as they can hear this wisdom for years to come.

New Baby

New parents are often lost with the lack of sleep and change of lifestyle that they might forget to love and appreciation the miracle they hold in their hands. Seasoned mothers and fathers can share their advice to make it through the daily trials and triumphs of parenthood with a special AppreciationLine Just for then. What a great way to go back to listen on those toughest days and those special days (like the birthday of their children). Sharing these messages with this child as they grow up can be a special bonding time.


Family or school reunions are a fun way that you can use the AppreciationLine. Use the line to share funny memories or stories from all those family members or classmates. Share the audio messages at the reunion or after the reunion. Those you can make it in person can enjoy the live unveiling of the event and those who can’t make it will feel like they are part of it. Since the messages are forever recorded, you can access these memories for future reunions.


Whether it's from elementary school, high school, college or beyond receiving an AppreciationLine for graduation is a perfect way to send off the graduate.  Encouragement, kudos and good luck is often what the graduate needs during this time of transition so why not help them out like never before.

Mother's Day

Want to show your mom just how much you love her?  How about let her know how much she is loved by all the other special people in her life too.  This Mother's Day surprise your mother with heartfelt messages of love from those who matter most to her.  She'll be so touched and able to listen to this over and over again, especially on those days when it's hard to be mother or when she's missing her children.

Father's Day

Don't forget that dad's are sentimental too.  Just like for mom, you can do the same thing for your dad.  Let him and those around him know just how much he matters.  Acknowledge your dad with audio appreciations to show him how much he matters.  It's a great way to thank him for all that he does for you and others.

Just because

This reason can be really fun.  Just set up an appreciation line to recognize someone just because.  There doesn’t have to be a specific reason to do so except to show this employee that they matter to you.  Often when we receive something for no reason, this is when we are especially touched by this kind gesture of gratitude.


Have a special group of girl friends that you can’t live without? Let them know how they matter. You could set up a line to talk about each of your friends and surprise them with your messages. Or you could have all your girlfriends call in and do the same with all of your friends. This is a way that you can take your friendship to that next level to record the deep gratitude you have for the girlfriends in your life.


Looking for a neat way to way to say thank you to the teacher for your children? Coordinate with other students’ parents to leave an audio appreciation from the class of XXX. We guarantee that your teachers will be forever appreciative.


Many coaches in your children’s lives volunteer their time to coach your children. They give your children so much encouragement and support along the way, why don’t you do the same? Go into together as parents and let your children and all the parents say thank you to them. It will help encourage them to keep coaching for a long time.


Volunteer appreciation is so important. As these people in your life don’t get paid, that doesn’t mean that you can’t pay them with gratitude for the kindness they give you for their service. As a gift, give your volunteers audio appreciations that they can take with them from this experience and take within their heart forever.

Listed below are some of the features and benefits of the AppreciationLIne's two products - Audio Postcards and Personalized Web Page.


Unlike any other gift your recipient has ever received.


Hearing how you make a difference in someone's life provides such special meaning for your recipient.


Either gift you choose, the Audio Postcards or the Personalized Web page, your recipient and those who participated in your tribute won't forget this memorable way to show them you care.


You don't have to wrap or send the gift.  It's electronically delivered to them and stored in our system forever.

Easy to use

We provide you with all the instructions, examples, templates needed to create the products.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

GUARANTEE: If you are not completely satisfied with the AppreciationLine for any reason, then simply contact us within 30 days, and we will issue you a prompt refund check. No questions asked. No hassles. That's more than a guarantee, that's a promise.

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