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Ideas for Business Use

MP900384903Welcome new employees

How an employee is welcomed into an organization on their first day goes a long way.  Their first impression often time Make a first impression a lasting impression.  Can you imagine how you would feel as a new employee if on your first day you can to your desk and on the computer was their very own website with recording audios from their new co-workers, colleagues, leadership team awaiting them?  Imagine how glad they would feel to be part of their organization and team if others took the time to tell them how glad they were to have them on board.

RewardBusinesswoman giving thumbs up

Do you have a customer service award that you give out monthly?  How about an informal department award?  Wouldn’t it be great if you could personally say thank you along with this award.  Now you can.  This technology behind the AppreciationLine allows you to set up a phone line of recorded messages that can either be emailed directly to the recipient or collected and displayed on a customized website to access all at once.


Wondering about another way that you could say thank you to your employees who are celebrating a milestone with you?  It could be a birthday, their anniversary date of working or retirement.


What do you do for an employee who is retiring from your organization?  Sometimes a card just doesn’t say enough.  Written words alone often can’t express your gratitude for often a life-time of service to an organization.  This is when the ability to record a message in the your voice, in your own way, can really matter.  If people don’t feel comfortable expressing their gratitude in front of others, an AppreciationLine allows those calling in the ability to leave a personalized message that only the one receiving it will hear unless they choose to share it with others.

Office Workers Clapping at Office PartyAnniversary date of employment

Think of how important it is for couples to celebrate their anniversary?  The same should be with the anniversary date of employment.  What a fun way to say thank you for their previous year or years of work with the organization.


Looking for a way to give someone more than just a “pat-on-the-back” or lunch?  This is a great way to congratulate an employee for a job well done.  Gather promotion praises from all those who have worked with this person in their current position, inside and outside of the organization.  Surprise them with these promotion praises that they can forever listen to. 

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Going away/Good luck

It’s hard to let a good employee go.  So when they move on to another opportunity within your organization or to another company, this is a great way to bid them farewell.  You can share your gratitude and wishes for their future success.

Special projectBusinesswoman on Videoconference with Businessman

It takes many people to be successful with projects.  As part of your celebration of completing a project, why not use the AppreciationLine for everyone to share what they most appreciated about the project and appreciated working with others.  This can be a unique way to put closure to your project with an unforgettable twist.

MP900443323Just because

This reason can be really fun.  Just set up an appreciation line to recognize someone just because.  There doesn’t have to be a specific reason to do so except to show this employee that they matter to you.  Often when we receive something for no reason, this is when we are especially touched by this kind gesture of gratitude.

Say thank yourich and poor united

Has someone gone above and beyond for you and you want to let them know how much it mattered to you?  You can use this appreciation line to record how you are thankful you are for their kind act.

MP910220702Direct Reports Line

Most people have their own cell phone line.  Why don’t you think of setting up an AppreciationLine for each of your direct reports?  This way you can show your gratitude with all of the above ways whenever the time seems right.  Maybe this month you want to say thank you for going above and beyond.  Maybe next month you want to send an audio appreciation just because.  Maybe at their anniversary date you can gather other colleagues to give them kudos as well.  The options are endless and the outcome is priceless.

Features & Benefits


Unlike any other gift your recipient has ever received.


Hearing how you make a difference in someone's life provides such meaning for your recipient.


Either gift you choose, the Audio Postcards or the Personalized Web Page, your recipient and those who participated in your tribute won't forget this memorable way to show them you care.


You don't have to wrap or mail this gift. It's electronically delivered to them and stored in our system in forever.

Easy to use

We provide you with all the instructions, examples and templates needed to create the products.

100% Money Back Guarantee

GUARANTEE: If you are not completely satisfied with the AppreciationLine for any reason, then simply contact us within 30 days, and we will issue you a prompt refund check. No questions asked. No hassles. That's more than a guarantee, that's a promise.

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