About Us

AppreciationLine is a creation of Janae Bower with Finding IT

Listen in as Janae shares what this product means to her along with the inspiration for developing it.

JB2Inspiring others is the essence of Janae Bower. As an author, speaker, personal life coach, and mother of three, this inspired life mentor walks the talk. Janae is filled with passion, has infectious enthusiasm and dreams big.  Her sweet spot is creating inspired programs and products that encourage those who are serious about personal transformation to have meaningful relationships and purposeful lives. 

To fulfill the childhood destiny from her father that “God had a special purpose for her life,” Janae spent 20 years studying the fields of spiritual growth, Christian living and personal transformation. She started own business called Finding IT and received a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Development to support others with their development.

Janae is the author of the award-winning book The Little Girl Who Found IT. Her work, which has been presented nationally and featured locally on TV, resonates with people of all ages – encouraging them to find more meaning, joy and purpose in their lives. Besides the AppreciationLine, she’s created a whole line of products to thank, honor and tribute others.



 Gratitude Cards with Bookmarks




Janae encourages others to live a life of love and gratitude through the worldwide movement that she started called Project GratOtude. 




Most importantly, she loves life and everyone in her life! Janae is especially grateful for her marriage to John and their three sons – Gavin, Grant and Garrett.